Here comes The Sun

Today, our book was reviewed in The Sun newspaper. John Wyatt said that the “torture scenes are straight out of a video nasty.” Glad we could keep you entertained over the Christmas holidays, John. After all, ‘twas the season to be bloody…

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The French connection

I Know What You Did Last Supper will be available in France next year. While this isn’t “new news” as such, it’s something we haven’t yet mentioned on this blog page. Our publisher Little, Brown’s foreign rights department sold the novel to a major French publishing outfit, Univers Poche.

We’re no experts on the French literary scene, it must be said, but Univers Poche, which translates to “Pocket Universe,” is part of the Editis Group, and describes itself as “France’s leading paperback publisher.”

Needless to say, we’re thrilled that they’ve taken on our novel, which is currently being translated and will be published in France in early 2014.

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Social stuff

Just a quick post to say that we’ve fired up social media pages for the novel, and the book’s Twitter page and Facebook page are now live. If you feel inclined to spread the word, head over and Follow or Like us! Many thanks!

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On sale now!

Today is the day – I Know What You Did Last Supper is officially now on sale in the UK, both on real and virtual bookshelves. The novel’s RRP is £7.99 for the paperback, and £4.49 for the ebook (click here for links to buy the book).

We’d be thrilled if you went out and bought, or downloaded, a copy – to state the rather obvious. And you’ll be thrilled once you get stuck into the fast-paced, page-turning plot. We promise.

Alternatively, if you fancy a punt at winning a copy of the book, to celebrate the launch our publisher is running a competition to tweet Biblical insults at them throughout today. See the Piatkus website for more details, with the results to be announced tomorrow, the 8th of March.

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Extract from the book

Hi all… the time is nearly upon us. I Know What You Did Last Supper goes on sale tomorrow – see the Buy the Book section for places you can get hold of the novel online.

And if you want a little taster of the book, we’ve just put the first two chapters up here. Enjoy!

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Piatkus blog post

The good people at Piatkus (our imprint at publisher Little, Brown) have posted up an article Darren wrote about the novel, and how it all began and then evolved, on their blog page. If you want to take a look, you can find it here: “A surprising new thriller of biblical proportions.

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Welcome to the official website

Hello, and welcome to the website of the novel “I Know What You Did Last Supper.”

We’re two co-authors, Wayne Williams and Darren Allan, and this is our debut novel (although we’ve previously written two non-fiction books together).

So what’s the novel about? Well, the title pretty much says it all – the Bible meets nineties slasher film. It’s a horror-thriller in which Judas is stalked by an unhinged maniac. You can check out the full back cover blurb over in the right-hand side panel.

Books bigWe began writing the book back in December 2009, and we delivered the finished manuscript to our (awesomely supportive) publisher, Little, Brown, in June 2012. Two and a half years of writing, revising, tweaking and polishing has produced a novel that we’re really proud of.

As we crafted chapter after chapter, the seamless way that everything worked out and tied together, in terms of plot development and twists, and the meshing of the two concepts – the Bible and slasher film – surprised even us. The manner in which the novel unfurled seemed almost supernatural, to a point. In fact, this book has seen quite a few… coincidences, which we’ll tell you more about at a later date. Keep your eyes peeled on this blog.

For now, though, we’ll finish by simply saying that if you like the sound of the concept, then we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the execution (pardon the pun) of the novel. We’ll have a short extract up on the site soon to give you a flavour. Meantime, if you’re curious Amazon has its “look inside” feature which has just gone live, and you can have a peek there.

So, it’s only a week and a half to launch now – the book is out on March 7th – and we’re very excited to share our little tale with you all. We hope you’ll be equally excited reading it.

Oh, and if you have any questions about the book or related matters, please fire away in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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